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Next step -- write your first “talent trial” -- a series of 7-10 on-the-job tasks and questions that job candidates can perform/answer as soon as they apply for a role, so a prospective employer can  get a sense of how they work.  

Check some of our favorite talent trials:

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing

Talent trial summary: Test outreach and experimentation skills across different channels.

Message to candidates: Each question focuses on a different channel or experiment. You probably won't know them all, it's ok to look things up. Just be honest. Also, when answering each question, always remember who the ideal customer is. If you're not sure, do a tiny bit of research.

  1. What format should you use when posting on LinkedIn to make sure your post is seen by as many people as possible?
  2. You want to get Adam Grant's attention and convince him to collaborate on a new article.How do you go about it?
  3. Reddit is a community that hates being sold to. How can you use Reddit to promote a product or story?
  4. You found a blog post you love and you write a comment. How can you get more mileage from your comment?
  5. We just got an amazing customer testimonial. How can you use it? Be creative.
  6. You write a blog post on Medium. The objective is to share a customer story and see if it resonates. Which metric do you care about most?
  7. What's a great way to build an email list without people feeling like they're being sold to?
  8. A customer says "I had such a great experience, this is an amazing product." How can we turn her into an advocate? What can we do? What should we ask her to do?
  9. How can Facebook communities be used to grow website traffic?10. Tell us about one social experiment you ran. Did it fail or succeed? What did you learn?
    (video response)

Data Science - Web Scraping

Talent trial summary: This test will help you assess the candidate's understanding of data science concepts and web scraping. They should be fluent in at least Python or R, have some knowledge of SQL/databases in order to access data and familiar with overall machine learning concepts.

Message to candidates: The following questions are intended to assess your comfort level and understanding of data science and machine learning concepts. In some cases there is no right or wrong answer, but there are key terms and concepts that should be mentioned.

Sample questions from this talent trial:

  1. How do you pick a machine learning model? (video response)
  2. Let's assume you had a dataset, and you went ahead and did the data cleaning and exploration. You ran linear regression and the model results are not good. Why could this be? What other model could you run to take care of some of the pitfalls in linear regression? (text answer & file upload)

Graphic Design

Talent trial summary: Hire your first graphic designer without having any design skills yourself. This Script gives candidates an opportunity to display their design skills by working on a simple task and tests their ability to work within commercial guidelines.

Message to candidates: Graphic design and client work can be a difficult space to navigate. Do you have what it takes?

  1. An emerging chain in New York that sells healthy, up-market smoothies has asked you to design a logo. Please upload your design. (file upload)
  2. Please explain why you chose that particular design and how it addresses the client's brief. (text answer)
  3. The client has provided feedback that the logo is a little bit "too cool for school" and may scare away some of the older customers. While this seems counter intuitive to you, it's the feedback that has you have received. Please upload a revised logo. (file upload)
  4. You meet the client face to face and present the revised logo. Record what you say to the client. (video response)

Basic & Intermediate Excel Questions for Financial Modelling Skills

Talent trial summary: This Interview Script includes a combination of basic and intermediate excel questions as well as their application. The purpose of the audition is to test whether candidates have the ability to problem solve using Excel.

Message to candidates: This Interview will require you to have an understanding of Excel.

Sample question from this talent trial:

Which one of the following formulas are most commonly used amongst financial modellers to extract a single unit of information within a cell across a range reference of data based on a set of predefined parameters? (time limit - 1min)


We hope these examples were helpful!
If you want more insight, here’s a terrific article on How to Write an Effective Interview Script.

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