Adding a simulation based assessment is easy!

You can either choose an assessment script written by an expert from our Assessment Script Library or create your own.

Assessment Script Library

Our assessment script library is a collection of assessments submitted by people considered experts in their fields. Our experts have at least 3+ years of experience in their specific roles or fields of expertise. Our assessment team makes sure to check and evaluate the scripts to make ensure they are appropriate. 

You can browse and pick a script through the library tab or when adding a stage to your job opportunity.

Once you are in the library, you can search for assessment scripts using key words in the search bar. 

You can preview questions from any of the assessments to help you decide whether you would like to include it in one of your automated assessment stages. 

Once you decide which you would like to use, click "Add".

**Note**: You can also customize one of the assessment scripts in our library. Click on the assessment and click Customize> Make a Copy.

This will create an exact copy of the assessment script in your own collection. Your private collection can be found in the Private tab next tot he search bar.

 Click on the 3 dot menu of the copy and click "Edit"

You will be able to edit the Script name, summary and message to candidates. You can also add, remove or modify the questions whichever way you like.

**You can also disable the final question of the script under Interview Settings.**

Creating Your Own Assessment Scripts

For some great tips on how to write a quick and effective assessment script, read this short article we wrote for our blog. 

To create your own assessment script, click on the plus sign next to the keyword search bar.

A dialog box will open where you will need to enter a title, summary and a message to the candidates. 

Click Add and you can start adding questions for the chosen type of script.

For the first question, select the interview question type from the available formats,
insert the question in the selected format, select the answer type , enter a suggested answer or add a timer. Click Save Question and click Add question to continue adding.


**Suggested Answer is not required. If you choose to make your script public, adding a suggested answer will help other employers score their candidates.**

You can also add a timer to a question. Just don't go crazy timing all your questions. Doing an online interview will be intimidating enough and having a ticking clock can just add more anxiety.

Assessment Script Settings

To manage the settings of the assessment, click on Settings.
You can edit the script name, summary and the message to candidates here.
You have several options under Interview Settings and you can choose to display results in text or percentages under Displaying of Score.
Click Update Settings once you are done.

If you choose to display text depending on a specific score, you will need to enter specific text you would like to appear for a certain range of points like below.

Grouping questions

You can group questions and choose to display the scores differently for each.
For example, your assessment may include a few skilled based questions and others related to personality traits or culture fit.

Group the questions accordingly and choose how you want the scores displayed.
To group questions go to the settings section and click Create a New Question Group and move the questions you would like in that group and choose a display option.

Adding your Private Assessment to a Stage

Once you are done adding all your questions and choosing  your settings, go back to the assessment library and to the right of the search bar, click Private. Locate your script, click on it and choose Add.

Share your script with other employers

If you would like to make the assessment script public and share with other employers so they may use it, click on the 3 dot menu of the script and choose Publish. The following dialog will open:

Once you choose to Publish it, it will need to be reviewed and approved by our team before it can appear in the library.


You can read about how to write an effective interview script in our blog as well as why you need a great interview script.

Editing an Assessment

You can edit an assessment through the library or through the stage in the job opportunity by clicking on the 3 dot menu of the stage and choosing "Edit".
Once you add an assessment to a stage and invite candidates to apply, any changes you make to it after- will only be visible to new candidates that apply to your job.

You can watch the following quick video on how to add an interview script if you would rather see this all in action!

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