Add a timer to your own Talent Trial

Once you have added the questions to your Talent Trial, you can set the time you wish to allow candidates to complete all questions.

Click on "Overview" in the Talent Trial editor.

Choose the first option under the settings and set the time you want to allow for this Talent Trial.
WARNING: Please keep in mind that if you choose a time frame that is more that 4 days, this will not work. The current default is 4 days but in the future, it will be possible to customize this time frame. 

Important notes

**Make sure to click Update Settings towards the bottom of this page to save the changes made to this section.**

Keep in mind that if you have added individual timers to questions, you will not be able to add a timer to the entire Talent Trial as well.
If you have individual timers set to a Talent Trial and then choose this option, all individual timers will be disabled.

For complete details and steps on adding or creating a Talent Trial, please visit this page.

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