As you create/edit Talent Trials in your account there a few things to consider to help maximize the AI accuracy and to increase candidate completion rates.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Include a minimum of 6 questions  (best 8-10)
  • At least a couple of questions that have text answers  
  • At least 1 multiple choice (can use more)
  • A document, spreadsheet, or presentation question type
  • ease into it, start with an easy question and build up to the more difficult ones later in the Talent Trial
  • avoid starting with a video response type and start with a text based response.
  • add an example answer in the suggested answer field when relevant.

To increase completion rates, start with an easy question, avoid starting with a video response or document and try to minimize the use of timers. 

It is also recommended not to use a timer with a video response but if you require it then make sure to set the timer to around 5 minutes or more. 

If a candidate runs into any technical issues (wifi, internet connections speeds, browsers crashing, etc) you may not get a response if the timer is too short. 

You can find this information and complete steps to help create a Talent Trial here.

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