You created a job through Vervoe. Now, it is time to get candidates to apply to the new position. You can create unique links to post on several different job boards, your own career site and social media. 

You can track the progress of each link you create and see how many candidates apply. This way it will be easy for you to know where you get the most responses to your job.

Follow these steps: 

Sign into your job and go to Invite Candidates

A window dialog will open, then navigate to the “Post Job” tab. Click on +Add Trackable Link (You can also just use the general link under "Share a link to your job" but keep in mind that this link can't be tracked).

You will be able to enter a name and description for your listing in the following window.  

Note: This information will not be visible where you post the link. This will only be visible to you in your links summary section. The links you create will lead candidates to your job application page.

To see a list of the links you have and the number of candidates that each link has generated, go to the Insights icon:

Then, you will select "Manage links":

You will see a list of the links you have appear in a dropdown list. As applicants click on your links and apply to your job, you will see the numbers next to the links in your summary change. This allows you to keep track of where you are getting the most applicants.

In order to copy, edit or delete the link, go back to the Invite Candidates window and click on the Post job tab.

Once you copy the link, go ahead and add it to the corresponding post. 

For example, the LinkedIn application link we created we can add to a post like below.

Note: If you choose to keep the post public, your connections in LinkedIn, as well as anyone on the web, can view it.

If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account you add a job post there and include the link as well. 

Anytime a candidate applies through the link you post in LinkedIn, you will see the numbers reflect in the link summary section. 

You can create links and post In Facebook, twitter, or any other job board you are registered with. Create links and post wherever you plan on advertising your open job. 

Make sure to write a compelling and engaging job post to attract the most qualified candidates. Read this article in our blog for some inspiration.

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