Outline your Approach 

What kinds of questions (personality, skills, combination of both) will you ask and what types of Answers will you require. 

Consider what your day to day is like and answer these questions for yourself to help you come up with questions that will help identify the right candidate:

  • In a typical day what do I do?
  • What tasks do I have to perform to get each job done?
  • Exactly what specific skills do I need to be able to do my job?
  • Are there certain software programs my job required of me?
  • Was there schooling or licensing expected of me to work with clients?

***Go Beyond Skills****

Resumes only scratch the surface of what truly makes a candidate unique and how they might work within a company. Focusing on skills and techniques is important - but remember, they are only one measure of whether an employee will succeed in a role. Consider finding out what makes a candidate tick: How does she/he like to communicate and interact with clients and coworkers? What makes her/him get out of bed in the morning? What projects is she/he most proud of, and which were most challenging? Going beyond the roles and responsibilities of past jobs can help an employer understand the candidate on a deeper level and form a stronger partnership right off the bat. 

2. Decide the number of questions you  will need and in what form will you deliver the question ( Text, Audio, Video or file upload). 

We believe anywhere from 6- 10 questions should be enough for each script.

3. Consider the type of answers you require for each question.

Dynamic interviews keep the candidate engaged and give the employer a fuller picture of who they are and how they think. In addition to asking skill-based questions, consider asking about specific scenarios where they have achieved a goal, struggled with a challenge, or ask them to describe a passion project. Mixing short-form and long-form text-based answers with the occasional video response will help the employer understand how candidates communicate in different formats.

You can choose to have a candidate answer in the following formats:

(Text, Audio, Video, Multiple choice, File upload)

We recommend not choosing more than 3 recording options in one script. Think about it- will the employer want to sit and watch 60 videos lets say that are about 3 minutes long from different candidates. Probably not.

4. Provide guidance for employers who may be looking to hire outside their expertise.

Each question you submit will require that you submit a "Suggested Answer" so an employer can use it as a guide when they are grading each candidate. 

Don't Forget:

Once you have organized your questions go ahead an enter them into your Vervoe interview script. 

Make sure to update your professional profile on Vervoe to give employers an insight  about who you are and why they should choose your questions.
Find detailed complete steps here. 

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