To display your company logo on the job application page and notification emails sent to candidates, please update your Company information.

Go here:

A new dialogue window will open where you can upload your company logo by clicking on the default logo, add the Company Name, Location, Website, Phone, About Us fields.
You can also pick a brand color to display buttons and certain text in the job application page and emails sent to candidates. (Please note that when you upload your logo, the system automatically chooses the dominant color as your brand color. You can of course update the color or add a specific HTML color code)

Please note:
The logo should have transparent background if possible, and at least 100x100px.
Click Update Settings once you are all done. 

Add Team Members

Add as many team members to help you evaluate candidates.

Change your company URL


**Make sure you don't have any active jobs before changing the company URL. If you make changes during an active job, ALL links associated with the active job opportunity will break.**

**Please note that the company URL you see here is not the one that will direct to your specific job opportunity. It is only a part of it the job application link.

To access your  specific job link and/or generate unique ones to post in different locations, please read this article.

For general information on different options to get candidates to apply, read here.

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