Setting up Stage Emails

The whole process of job hunting and waiting to hear back is stressful. Many times candidates rarely hear back from companies after they have applied or interviewed. Plus, it is not just in the candidates best interest but yours to keep them in the loop.  

Communicating with your candidates throughout the interview process helps maintain a positive experience with your company and therefore a positive image of your organization.

**Vervoe sends out emails for you, even when you reject a candidate.**

At every skills assessment stage of the process a candidate will receive an automated email informing them of where they are in the process. You can preview these messages or customize them as you like. 

**Make sure to update your company profile so that emails sent to candidate's and the job application page is personalized with your company logo.**

In the first automated skills assessment stage, click on the 3 dot menu. Then click "Preview/Edit Email".

A window with the default message will open. On the top right you can click on "Customize" and edit the message as you would like or just keep the default message.

You can also preview and customize the Rejection email in this section. This email will be sent out only if you reject a candidate within any of the stages. 

You can view or personalize each email that is sent during each stage separately. You will notice each stage has a 3 dot menu on the right hand corner. 

Company stage emails are not set to be sent automatically. If you would like candidates to receive an email once they arrive in a company stage, make sure to select the option to send from the 3 dot menu of that stage. It is also recommended you customize the message in that stage. Make sure to complete this process before progressing candidates to the offline stage.


**Please note that a rejection email is only sent when you "Reject" a candidate in any stage.**

Direct Candidate Messaging

You can also send candidates that have registered and started the interview process individual emails. This feature is available only on our Intelligent Plan and above.

To send individual email messages, open the candidate card and select the "MESSAGE" button. 

A window will appear with a blank message. You can change the subject and type your message into the box. Make sure that you select "Send" when you have finished. 

**Please note that the message will appear to be sent from the email address tied to your account. 

Invite Candidates via Email

To send individual email invites to candidates go to the top right corner of your job dashboard and click  "Invite Candidates". A window will pop open and select the “Invite Via Email” tab.

You can add the names and email addresses of every candidate you wish to invite.

You also have the option to import a CSV file that includes all the names and email address of this candidates.

The CSV should contain full names and email addresses. 

Must be in the following format: 

Row 1 Column 1  header= name ; Row 1 Column 2 = email

and then fill in rows accordingly.

The message candidates will receive can be previewed and customized by selecting "Preview Message" at the bottom of the window.

Once you are done make sure to click Send.

If you prefer to watch a video, check it out below.

** Video is currently being updated**

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