Your job dashboard is set up in stages. These are steps that help you organize your interviewing and hiring process. Once you set up your new job description, you will have options for your your first stage. You can add a Talent Trial stage or a Company Stage.

A Talent Trial stage means that the candidates will have to complete a trial online, right on our platform.

A company stage is simply steps taken outside of our platform ( ex:  phone interview or face to face interview).

Talent Trial Stages

Choose Add a Talent Trial stage> Add a Talent Trial stage from the library ( or create a new Talent Trial) if you would like candidates to complete a trial as soon as they click apply.

When you choose Add a Talent Trial from the library you can choose one of the trials created by one of our industry experts. If you can't find a trial you like, you can create your own by clicking on the "+" located to the right of the search bar in the Talent Trial library.  

For more info on how to add/create a Talent Trial, please read here.

Once you add a Talent Trial to a stage you can remove it by clicking on the 3 dot menu for the trial. 

*You can add up to 3 automated Talent Trial stages 

Once candidates apply to your job, they will appear in the first stage. As candidates complete a Talent Trial for an automated stage, you will be able to view their responses, score them and decide who to progress to the following stage (unless you have chosen to auto progress every candidate that completes the Talent Trial in that stage to the next). 

Company Stages

Besides automated stages, you can add as many company stages. These are steps that will take place outside of Vervoe. For example you may want to add a stage for background checks, internal reviews, or face to face interviews. 

Stage Settings

The settings for each stage can be modified individually. Each stage you add will have a 3 dot menu located on the top right corner. 

Note: The 3 dot menu will appear once you add a stage.

Here you can choose to:

  • export candidates 
  • reorder stages (if there is more than one stage available)
  • sort the candidates
  • preview/edit the auto message sent to candidates who arrive in the stage
  • preview/edit the rejection email
  • auto progress candidates who complete the Talent Trial
  • preview the Talent Trial
  • edit is only available if you have used a Talent Trial you created
  • Delete stages

Delete stages

You have the option to delete stages at any time. If you have candidates in a stage that you wish to delete you will need to move those candidates out of the stage before proceeding.

**Please note that if there are inactive candidates (grayed out cards) in a stage, you will not be able to remove the stage.**

Watch this short video that puts all the above into action.

To read more about adding/creating Talent Trials go here.


How do I move a candidate back to a previous stage?

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