Adding an assessment is easy!

You can enter the title and skills important for your role and our AI skills assessment builder will automatically generate an assessment for you.  You also have the option to use a complete assessment written by an expert or create your own.

Al Skills Assessment Builder

The AI builder is a great and efficient way to put together an assessment for your role. Once you create a job, you will be taken to the job dashboard. Click +Add a skills assessment.

A new page will open where you can describe the role and skills you’d like to hire, starting with the title.

Type in the title and important skills for the role. The AI feature will recognize the skills and summarize them below as shown here:

The AI will make additional suggestions based on popular skills for the role. Click on “see more” in the skill summary box and any other skills you need to assess. 

To assess skills deeply yet maintain a high completion rate we suggest assessing a total of 3-5 skills.

Click “Preview Assessment” and relevant questions and tasks are pulled together from an inventory of validated itemized questions, to create a full assessment according to our ‘best practices to enhance the candidate experience and completion rates. This should take less than 60 seconds to complete.

You will have the option to accept the test as is or swap questions in and out. If you choose to swap a question, a window will appear showing you several options to choose from.

 Vervoe’s machine learning models will learn from the choices you make, improving question selection for the next time you create a test. Vervoe will also gain insight into the skills and attributes that are in the greatest demand from all of our customers and use this feedback to invest in the right content. 

If you like a question but would like to customize it, click on “Edit questions” located on the top right corner. The assessment editor will open and you will be able to edit questions. Make sure to add correct answer samples in the Suggested Answer field under Advanced. This will help increase the AI accuracy when grading candidate responses.

When you are done, click “Next: Assessment Settings”. It will take you to the assessment settings page where you can set an overall timer, enable the final feedback question, randomize questions and multiple-choice answer order, limit number of questions, amend assessment details, set a deadline (Enterprise customers only) and review your question groups/skills.

You can group specific questions into the constructs they assess to see how well candidates perform in each of the attributes. Scores will be calculated and displayed separately for each group of questions. 


Skills Assessment Library

If you prefer to use one of the many assessments created by industry experts found in our library, click “choose an existing assessment”. 

This section includes a collection of assessments created by people considered experts in their fields. Our experts have at least 3+ years of experience in their specific roles or fields of expertise. Our Assessments team makes sure to check and evaluate the trials to make ensure they are appropriate. 

You can search for the assessment using keywords in the search bar. 

You can preview questions from any of the assessments to help you decide whether you would like to include it in one of your automated stages. 

Once you decide which you would like to use, click "Use Template".

**Note**: You can also customize an assessment in our library. Click on the assessment and click Edit Template> Make a Copy.

This will create an exact copy of the assessment for your own collection. Your private collection can be found in the My Assessments tab. 

 Click on the 3 dot menu of the copy and click "Edit"

You will be able to edit the assessment name, summary and message to candidates by going into the “Assessment Settings". You can also add, remove or modify the questions whichever way you like. 

**You can also disable the final feedback question of the assessment in the Settings section.**


Creating Your Own Skills Assessments

To maximize your AI accuracy and to increase candidate completion rates, please keep the following in mind:

  • include a minimum of 6 questions
  • At least a couple of questions that have multiple choice or text answers
  • include a document, spreadsheet or presentation question type
  • don't start with a video, Google doc, spreadsheet or presentation
  • avoid adding timers to videos
  • avoid starting with a video response
  • ease into it, ask an easy question first and then build up to the more difficult questions
  • include a correct answer sample in the suggested answer field when relevant

For some great tips on how to write a quick and effective skills assessment, read this short article we wrote for our blog. 

To create a custom skills assessment, click the button "+ Skills Assessment", located in the top navigation bar in the Assessments page.

This will open the assessment builder page. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Create an assessment from scratch".

A dialog box will open where you will need to enter a title, summary and a message to the candidates. 

Click Add and you can start adding questions.

Then add your question text. You can choose to add video, audio, image, code, or file download questions. 

Next, select the question type from the available formats, this is will determine how the candidate can respond.

The following field allows you to enter the skills assessed by the question. The questions will be grouped by the skills and results will be displayed for each plus the overall score in candidate card.

To add a suggested answer, question timer, or mark the question as required click the “Advanced” dropdown.


When you have finished your question click Save Question and click Add question to continue adding.


**Adding a suggested answer will help increase the AI accuracy.**

You can also add a timer to a question. Just don't go crazy timing all your questions. Doing an online trial will be intimidating enough and having a ticking clock can just add more anxiety. 


Immersive options

This feature integrates with Good docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides . This means that there is no need to have a candidate download a file and then upload a file as their response. 

All the work can be done right in our platform. When you choose one of these question types, you will have the option to create the document right through our app or upload a file from your computer.

The following are the immersive question types you can choose from:

**If you choose one of the Google types the candidate will be able to provide an answer right in the document.

If you choose a code editor question and would like for them to create code, then you can choose Code in the question type option.


Coding Challenges

Testing for coding skills on Vervoe just got easier. You can allow candidates to code in several languages. When you choose the code answer type, you will have the option to automatically grade candidate code with test cases.  

Automatic grading allows you to add test cases and to assign point values to them. In addition, enabling this option allows candidates to run their code while taking the test and iterate on their solution.

For complete details on how to set up coding challenges, please read this article here.


Required Questions

You can make a question require a response by clicking on the “Advanced” dropdown and sliding the "Require candidates to answer" button for each individual question.  

**Please note that if you are using timers, having required questions may prevent candidates from submitting a required answer if they run out of time. 


Assessment Settings

To manage the settings, click on Settings under the assessment name. 

You can edit the assessment name, summary and the message to candidates here.

You have several options under the Settings. You can choose to add an overall timer, enable the final feedback question, randomize questions and multiple choice answer order, and limit the number of questions.

You can also choose to display results in text or percentages under Displaying of Score. 

Click Save and exit once you are done.

In the Settings, employers on the Enterprise plan will also have the option to customize how many days candidates have to submit their assessment.


Adding a timer to an Assessment

Once you have added the questions to your assessment, you can set the time you wish to allow candidates to complete all questions in the Settings section.

Choose the first option under the settings and set the time you want to allow for this assessment. 

WARNING: Please keep in mind that if you choose a time frame that is more than 4 days, this will not work. The current default is 4 days for customers on our Pilot and Growth plans.

Important notes

**Make sure to click Save and exit to save the changes made to this section.**

Keep in mind that if you have added individual timers to questions, you will not be able to add a timer to the entire assessment as well. 

If you have individual timers set to an assessment and then choose this option, all individual timers will be disabled.


Grouped Questions and Display of Scores

You can now group specific questions into the constructs they assess to see how well candidates perform in each of the attributes, as well as performance on the overall assessment. Is customer empathy more important than attention to detail in this role? You will be able to see where the candidate’s strengths lie and how well they perform in each of the constructs you have selected, to better inform your decision making

If you choose to display text depending on a specific score, you will need to enter the specific text you would like to appear for a certain range of points like below.



Group the questions accordingly and choose how you want the scores displayed.

To group questions go to the settings section and click Create a New Question Group and move the questions you would like in that group and choose a display option.


Adding your Private Assessment to a Stage

Once you are done adding all your questions and choosing  your settings, go back to the library and to the right of the search bar, click My Assessments. Locate your script, click on it and choose Use Template.


Duplicating your Private Assessment

Under the Assessments section, navigate to “My Assessments”. Once you choose the assessment that you want to copy, hover over the assessment and click on the 3 dots at the end of the box. A drop down menu will appear that gives you the option to “Duplicate”. 

Once the assessment is duplicated, it will appear in your “My Assessments” tab in the library. You will then have the option to edit the copy or add it to a job. 


Editing an Assessment

You can edit an assessment through the library or through the stage in the job dashboard by clicking on the 3 dot menu of the stage and choosing "Edit".

Once you add an assessment to a stage and invite candidates to apply, any changes you make to it after- will only be visible to new candidates that apply to your job.

You can watch the following quick video on how to create an assessment using our Skills Assessment builder. 


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