If you would like to share a candidate card with a guest that is not on your account, you can create a public link to share. First, open the candidate card that you would like to share. Then, click on the share button under the candidate’s contact information and select "Copy Link" to add the shareable link to your clipboard. 

Once you share the link your guest will be able to view candidate responses, profile details, and team scores.

Guest Scoring and Commenting

Employers on the Growth plan and above will also have the option to enable guest scoring and hide existing scores, completion times, and suggested answers by clicking on the toggle button and then "Copy Link". This will generate a different link that will allow guest scoring and hide candidate details.

When guest scoring is enabled, the candidate card that is shared with team members allows the guest to "Score Responses" and leave comments.

After the guest contributor has saved their scores and comments, you will be able to view them once you open the candidate card.

The guest's score will be averaged into the team score and their comments will appear in the "Notes and Comments" tab.

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