You can easily take batch actions involving multiple candidates.

To get started hover your cursor over a candidate card image and a checkbox will appear like in the image below.

When you check the box, you will see that the option to select all candidate cards in that stage becomes visible. You will only be able to select 100 candidates at a time within in a stage to perform any bulk action.

Once you make a selection, you will notice the Bulk Action bar appear on the right hand side of your dashboard.
You will have the option to progress, reject, message, and extend the skills assessment for all of the candidates that you have selected in one bulk action.

Please note that rejection emails are set to be sent automatically as soon as candidates are rejected. If you do not want rejection emails to be sent, please make sure to remove the selection in the stage settings.

Once you make your bulk action selection a pop-up box will appear that allows you to confirm the action.
Please make sure to read the message in this window to confirm the number of candidates you have chosen for the action.
Keep in mind that once you perform and confirm an action, it cannot be undone.

*Please note that if you have more than 100 candidates in a stage, you will only be able to select the first 100 for your bulk action. Once you complete the action, you will be able to continue selecting the remaining candidates in bulk if you need to.  

Bulk Messaging

If you choose to email a few candidates at once, a messaging window will pop open where you will be able to add your custom message for the selected candidates.

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