As you create/edit skills assessments in your account there a few things to consider to help maximize the AI accuracy and to increase candidate completion rates.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Include a minimum of 6 questions  (best 8-10)
  • At least a couple of questions that have text answers  
  • At least 1 multiple choice (can use more)
  • A document, spreadsheet, or presentation question type
  • ease into it, start with an easy question and build up to the more difficult ones later in the assessment
  • avoid starting with a video response type and start with in info section or a text based response.
  • add an example answer in the suggested answer field to help increase the accuracy of the AI score. 

To increase completion rates, start with an easy question, avoid starting with a video response or document, and minimize the use of timers and required questions. If a question is timed and required and goes unanswered within the time limit, the candidate will not be able to submit their interview resulting in lower completion rates.
Mixing the question types is also highly recommended for higher completion rates. Avoid including just video questions. 

Make it a great experience for the candidate and yourself. Include on the job tasks and work-related scenarios to get a better understanding of how they will perform the job. These types of questions will allow candidates to showcase their skills and gain an understanding of what the position is all about.

**It is also recommended not to use a timer with a video response but if you require it then make sure to set the timer to around 5 minutes or more.
If a candidate runs into any technical issues (wifi, internet connections speeds, browsers crashing, etc) you may not get a response if the timer is too short.
If you would like to limit the length of the answer, consider removing the timer and adding a quick note in the question such as, "Please record a response no longer than 2 minutes".

You can find this information and complete steps to help create a skills assessment here.

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