Export all candidates

To export all candidates currently in your account, click on "Candidates", located in the top navigation bar.

Once you are in that section, click on the "Export to CSV" button.

A new window will open with additional information and steps.
 If you have previously exported candidates, you can choose to exclude those from the CSV export by ticking the checkbox. 

Once you click the export button, your file will begin to download. You can navigate away from this page and continue working while the file is downloading. Once the file has been downloaded it should appear in your browser's download bar.

Export all candidates from a job or a stage

To export all candidates from a specific job or stage, go to the job dashboard for the job you would like to export from.

Click the 3 dot menu on any stage heading to access the menu.
From the menu, click on "Export candidates to CSV".

Follow the prompts and select whether you would like to export from a particular stage, or from the entire job.
Click ‘Export [x] candidates to CSV’

*Enterprise customers will also have the option to export share links and candidate answers (only text or document responses).

Your file will begin downloading. This process will work as you use Vervoe, so you can continue completing other tasks within Vervoe while the CSV downloads. 

What do exported CSV files include?

The exported CSV will include the following details for each candidate if provides:

Phone Number
Date Added
Current stage
Last Talent Trial Score
Candidate’s ‘About me’ profile
Uploaded files
Share links (Enterprise plan)
Candidate responses (Enterprise plan)

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