March 14, 2019 Update

Duplicate a Talent Trial

You can now duplicate a Talent Trial from your private collection. If you need several versions of a Talent Trial you have created, hover over it, click on the 3 dot menu and choose "Duplicate". This will had a new version to your collection which you can edit and use in a job. 

For more information on creating Talent Trials, have a look at this article here.


February 19, 2019 Update

Guest Commenting & Grading ✍️

Now you can hide your scores and comments and allow your hiring managers to grade candidate responses and even add comments without bias. There is no authentication required so it’s easy to use and access. This is available on Intelligent plans and above. Read more about this feature here.

Improved AI Score Prediction with Suggested Answers⚡

We’ve further improved our AI feature to deliver predicted scores with even more accuracy.  To help increase the accuracy of the predicted score, make sure to add correct answer samples in the suggested answer field when relevant. This feature is available to Intelligent plans and above.

Control Video Speed ⏪⏩

You can now control the playback speed of video response. Increase it to get through a long video or slow it down so you can jot down notes. Hover over the video, click on the settings icon on the bottom right and then select a speed. Easy!

Required Questions ✔️

You can now set questions as required in your Talent Trial. Use this feature moderately and avoid adding timers to the required questions. If you add a timer and the candidate is unable to respond in time, you will not get a response, therefore, resulting in lower completion rates.


  • You can now extend deadlines for candidates who have submitted a Talent Trial allowing them another opportunity to complete it again.


Update- November 6, 2018

Job Insights  🔎

Now you can get detailed insights into your job's overall performance. You'll have access to Talent Trial and candidate metrics that could help you understand and improve your recruiting process.
This feature is only available on our Intelligent plans and above.
Learn more here

Bulk Candidate Actions  ⚡

Efficiency at its best- you no longer have to reject or progress candidates one by one. With bulk candidate actions you will be able to easily perform an action to a group of candidates.
Available to Intelligent plans and above.
Get all the details here

Improved Candidate Cards 😃

You will notice the updated look and feel of cards that give you more information. Now you can see the time spent to complete a Talent Trial (including time spent on each question when viewing answers) by each candidate. 


  • Access Talent Trials for all candidates, including those previously rejected and from deactivated jobs right through the Candidate section.
  • Enjoy filtering options through the dashboard and the Job Insights page.
  •  Exporting a CSV file now includes AI scores. 


Update October 1, 2018

Direct Candidate Messaging

You can easily send a direct email message to a candidate right through
your job dashboard! Open a candidate card, click Message and a new
window will open. You can customize the subject and body and then send.
This feature is only available on our Intelligent plan and above.

For complete details on setting up and sending emails to candidates, read here.


Update September 19, 2018

Export to CSV  🙌

Now you can export a list of all your candidates right through Vervoe. Easily export a list of candidates from a particular stage or a job directly through your job dashboard or from the Candidate section. For complete details on how this feature works, read here.

Talent Trial Timer  🕐

Want to limit the overall time a candidate has to complete a Talent Trial?  Simply select this option in the Talent Trial settings section and specify the amount of time they will have once they click to start.
Read here for complete details.


Update August 7, 2018

Experience Even more Hiring Power with Vervoe AI  💪

We are excited to announce our new AI feature!

Our AI feature automatically ranks candidates based on their Talent Trial performance. Right now, our intelligent algorithms are in learning mode and taking into account your grading preferences every time you score a candidate. The more candidates you grade, the more accurate Vervoe AI will be in predicting how you will score your candidates.

This feature will only be available on our Growth plan and above but for a limited time, all customers can experience the power of AI. 

Let us know what you think. We welcome and love all feedback.😄

Check out this article for more details.

Additional features and updates include:

  • New look and feel of candidate cards
  • Assessments are now called Talent Trials
  • Reject a candidate without opening the candidate card
  • New candidate sorting, from top performer to lowest in each stage.

Happy hiring!


Update June 27, 2018

🌟Magical Features🌟

Now introducing..... Magic Links!

We've made the candidate experience even more seamless. Candidates are no longer required to create a password to log in and complete a talent trial. They simply add their email address and are sent a magic link to their inbox. 

Rejected Candidates Disappear

No need to wave a magic wand, click reject and the candidate card will disappear from your dashboard. 🙌


Update June 1, 2018

✨New Features✨

We are excited to announce immersive assessments! This feature integrates with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and a code editor.
There is no need to have candidates download or upload a file. You can include the document in the question and all the work can be done in-app.

For complete details on creating an assessment and using these question types, read here

Additional Updates:

We improved the default ordering of candidates in a stage. Rejected candidates will shift to the bottom of the stage and candidates cards that require attention will appear at the top. 

We hope you enjoy these updates.

Happy hiring!

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