1. How does Vervoe’s AI feature work?

What we have developed is not a simple “one size fits all” approach. Our algorithms are multilayered, unique and unlike any other. Not only do we learn about the candidates, we also learn the unique preferences of each individual employer.
Vervoe's AI feature can predict scores for any type of talent trial. We have found a way to create bespoke algorithms for every employer and specifically for every one of their open roles. The algorithms adapt to the unique preferences of the employer and don’t require a specific set of questions.

2. What do you mean by the "algorithms are in learning mode"?

Right now our AI feature is learning your grading preferences every time you score a candidate. Our AI starts working immediately once the Talent Trial is submitted but it will take about 30 talent trials that you grade for the AI feature to train itself and learn what you look for.

3. What does the AI score predict exactly?

The AI score is a prediction on how you will grade the candidate based on your grading preferences that our AI feature has learned.

3. How accurate is the AI score?

Initially it works with 83% accuracy in predicting top performers. (verified via cross validation). The level of accuracy gets even better the more candidates you grade manually.

5. How does it help eliminate bias?

  • Bias is very real threat with AI - since typical AI algorithms learn from humans (who are naturally biased). We have made concentrated efforts to avoid this.
  • We do not provide our models with any information like gender, race, etc. In a nutshell - models do not "see" resume data. Only candidate performance data is detected and analysed by our algorithms.

6. When do I see an AI score and when do I see my own score?

The AI score will be calculated as soon as the candidate submits their talent trial. It may take up to 2 hours for the score to appear on the card.
Your score will appear as soon as you grade every response submitted by the candidate.

7.  How are the graded candidate cards sorted?

Our system will sort the graded cards based on the highest to lowest score. The employer's score will take precedence, but if no employer grade is provided for a candidate - the AI feature's score will be used to sort that card.  

8. How do I turn off the AI score? I don't want it to grade my candidates for me.

This feature is intended to make your job easier, without forcing you to change the way you work. It's just a prediction. Keep grading the way you're used to. Once you score all the responses for a candidate, your score will be available. 

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