Vervoe's AI feature can predict scores for any type of Talent Trial. We have found a way to create bespoke algorithms for every employer and specifically for every one of their open roles. The algorithms adapt to the unique preferences of the employer and don’t require a specific set of questions.
We also created a bespoke prediction algorithm for each Talent Trial.

As soon as a candidate submits a Talent Trial, Vervoe AI will start calculating and provide a predicted score.  

There may be instances where the AI feature will not be able to predict a score. This will happen if your Talent Trial has too few questions or the candidate didn't answer enough questions. You will be required to manually grade these candidates.
The candidate card will show this result:

If an AI score has been calculated, it will appear like this:

Remember this is just a prediction of how you will score the candidate based on your unique preferences learned by our AI feature.
Initially the accuracy is 83% but it will take about 30 talent trials graded by you, for the accuracy level to increase. Grading the candidates manually will allow AI feature to train and learn what you look for in responses. 

When you click the candidate card open, you will be able to view and score the responses. One you complete the grading, your score will override the AI score and will appear like this:

What do the colors mean?

Candidate cards will now have colors to identify the candidate's level after they have been scored, either by the AI feature or the employer. The AI score is just a prediction of what you may score but will be replaced with your score once you grade the candidate's responses.

Green : scored between 80-100%
Yellow: scored between 40-79%
Red:  scored between 0- 39%
**No color means the candidate has not completed the talent trial.

Our system will sort the candidate cards from highest to lowest scores. You may manually change the sorting preference for each stage in the stage settings by clicking on the 3 dot menu of the stage.

Please note that the red dot that appears next to the profile image means the card requires an action, whether that is grading or progressing to the next stage.

When creating your own Talent Trials

To maximize your AI accuracy and to increase candidate completion rates, please keep the following in mind:

  • include a minimum of 6 questions
  • At least a couple of questions that have multiple choice or text answers
  • include a document, spreadsheet or presentation question type
  • don't start with a video or a Google doc, spreadsheet or presentation
  • avoid adding timers to videos
  • ease into it, ask an easy question first and then build up to the more difficult questions
  • add an example answer in the suggested answer field when relevant. 


Vervoe's AI feature is currently in learning mode and will become more accurate as you continue to grade talent trials.

Please note that Vervoe AI is a feature only available on the Intelligent Plan.

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