Welcome! We are excited you have decided to give Vervoe a try.
If you missed the getting started video at sign up, you can watch it here.

Once you are logged into your Vervoe account, make sure to add your company logo. Click on the image icon on the top right and choose "Company Account". You will be able to add your logo, company info and add team members here. Once you are ready, head back to the main page and click "Create a job".

  1. Start by creating your first job. Include an engaging and attractive job description. 
  2. Add a Talent Trial to your first stage. You can choose one from our library or create your own. Watch this quick video to learn how to add a Talent Trial to your job.
  3. Add more stages to your hiring funnel. You can add up to three stages with Talent Trials and as many company stages with steps that will take place outside of Vervoe. Watch this short video on adding stages. 
  4. Set up the stage email messages you want the candidates to receive. Learn more here
  5. Get candidates to apply to your job. We have several quick options set up for you. Watch this video to learn more. 

Once candidates start applying and completing Talent Trials, you will get a notification so you can start grading.

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