You can give candidates an option to apply with their Seek account details.

**PLEASE NOTE**: In order to use this type of integration, Seek requires that you pay a fee. Please make sure to contact your Seek Account manager / or Seek customer support to enable this feature with your account.

To enable this feature in Vervoe, click on your image icon on the top right of your account.

Go to Integrations and choose Seek in the left side panel. Under Advertiser ID , add your unique Seek Id and Save.

Post to Seek through Vervoe

Our third party posting application allows you to post to Seek directly from your Vervoe account.
To activate this option, you must first let us know that you would like this option activated in your account. We will then contact Seek on your behalf so they may add these permissions to your account.
This can take 1-2 business days to complete.
Once this has been permitted by Seek, you will be able to advertise your job straight from Vervoe following these instructions here.

Important Note: In order for the link back to Vervoe from Seek to work, you must add your Advertiser ID under the Integrations page here in Vervoe before you post the position. You must also make sure you have paid the fee required by Seek to use this integration.

Creating unique Seek links to post anywhere

Click Get Candidates > Create links you can track and create your link.
Add a name to the listing for you to identify and then choose the Seek symbol to activate the option. You can post this link anywhere ( social media, career site page, free job boards) and when candidates click to apply they will have an option to apply with their Seek profile.

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