You have created your job and you have posted and ad in social media channels, job boards or your career site page - so what's next?

Candidates who are interested in your open role will apply and once they do you will receive notification of their progress. 

In the image above, notice the candidates in the first stage. 

The only card that needs attention at the moment is the one with the bright orange dot next to the image icon. This means the candidate completed the Talent Trial and is ready for grading.
*Also please notice that bright orange dot above the candidate cards with a number. This indicates the number of candidate cards that require an action.

Other applicants may have just started the Talent Trial but have not completed it yet. They have 4 days to complete a Talent Trial.  

Please note: Candidates receive email reminders before the Talent Trial expires. If the time expires, they will have an option to request more time through their candidate dashboard. You will receive an in-app notification of the request so you can decide to reset or not. If you reset the Talent Trial, they will receive a notice by email updating them of the additional 4 days they have to complete the trial.

Gray Candidate Cards

Once you invite candidates to your job, you will notice that their candidate card appears grayed out in your job dashboard. This means that the candidate has not yet clicked on the interview link in their email invitation. 

You can click on gray candidate cards to expand them. When expanded you will have the option to Reject, Progress,  Message, or Re-Invite the candidate. (You can also hover over a grayed candidate card and the "Reject" option will appear).

Re-inviting candidates, gives them another 4 days to complete their Talent Trial. When Enterprise plan employers that have customized their Talent Trial deadline and re-invite candidates, the invitation is extended for the employer's selected amount of days. (For example, if your Talent Trial deadline is 7 days when you re-invite candidates they are given another 7 days to complete their Talent Trial.)


Grading a Candidate 

Click on card that has the the bright orange dot next to the image icon. The card will expand just like the image below.

The card shows information the candidate has chosen to complete in the profile section.

Click on the red button that says "Score Responses" to view their responses for the Talent Trial. 

A new window will open like below. 

This particular Talent Trial requires you to subjectively grade each question. All of the Talent Trials found in the library include a suggested answer to help you grade the responses. 

Once you are done grading the answers, click on the X to close the window. 

The candidate's score will now appear in their card. 

Depending on their performance you can decide to either Reject or Progress them to the next stage.

If you click Reject, you will get a pop up confirmation window. Make sure to only reject the candidate if you are absolutely sure. 

**Once you reject them it cannot be undone. 

The candidate will receive a rejection email once you confirm. ***

You can click on the Progress button to send the candidate to the next stage. If you would like them to skip a stage you can simply click and drag the card to the desired stage. 


Team Member Scoring

Team members can now grade each candidate independently. The profile image of each team member who has scored a Talent Trial will appear in the candidate card they have graded. 

When grading the questions, an image icon of team member who submits a score will appear next to the score on the top right corner of the question and the average score from all team members will be shown. 


Adding Comments 

You can add comments in every candidate card. If you have team members collaborating in the hiring process, you can each add your thoughts in the comments section. 

**Please note: Comments are not visible to candidates.**


Sharing the Candidate Card

If you would like to share a candidate card with someone in your company that is not on your account, you can create a public link to share. Click on the share button under the candidate’s contact information and you can select "Copy Link" to add the shareable link to your clipboard. 

Employers on the Intelligent plan and above will also have the option to hide existing scores, completion times, and suggested answers by clicking on the toggle button and then "Copy Link". This will generate a different link that will allow guest scoring and hide candidate details.

Please refer to this article for more detail on guest scoring and sharing candidate cards.


Extending a Talent Trial deadline

All candidates are given 4 days to complete the Talent Trial. An email reminder is sent 48 hours before the expiration.

If the time expires, candidates have an option to request more time from their candidate dashboard. If they request more time, you will receive a notification letting you know that extra time has been requested. The candidate card will have a bright orange dot next to the image icon and you will have the option to "Extend Deadline".

Once you confirm and extend the time in the Talent Trial, the candidate will receive the email set up for that stage.

If you decide to extend the Talent Trial, the candidate will receive an email notification with an additional 4 days to complete. 

To Extend the Talent Trial deadline for candidates before the candidate submits the Talent Trial: open the candidate card and you will see the button to “Extend Deadline”.


Resetting Talent Trials

Employers also have the option to reset Talent Trials after they are submitted. When you open the candidate card, you will see a three dot menu above the option to View/Score Answers. Once selected, the button to “Extend Deadline” will appear.

Candidate's answers will be saved, and the stage email will be resent to candidates allowing them access to the Talent Trial. 


Candidate Insights

The amount of time it took a candidate to complete the Talent Trial is displayed directly on the candidate card.

You can also see how long it took candidates to respond to each question when you score and view answers.


Emails sent to candidates

Emails sent to candidates automatically can be previewed and customized at every stage. Simply click on the 3 dot menu of the stage.

Please note that if you would like to customize your messages please make sure to do this before inviting candidates to apply. Please read our article on sending emails to candidates here

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