***We use a third party application called Idibu for posting to job boards. To find which job boards are available in your area, you can search on their site here or you can search by name directly in the configuration app under Job Boards Management.**

Please note that in order to use this feature you have to be registered to job boards where you would like to advertise your job listing.

**Important to note:
some typical free job boards in the US are not strictly free when posting through a third party application like Idibu.

Indeed for example requires that you have a sponsored ad campaign to post through this system.

If you don't have an active sponsored jobs campaign with Indeed or any other "free" job board that requires this for posting through this system, we recommend you create job application links that you can post to free job boards directly. To learn how to create job application links please read here

Please note that if you do post to free job boards through this posting system, (unless you have a paid account with the job board) the job ad may or may not appear. All job boards of this type run quality control on the large amounts of job ads they receive for uniqueness and some may or may not appear.

Advertise to Job Boards guide

The first time you choose this option you will need to configure your job boards accounts and connect them to Vervoe.

Click Get Candidates then Advertise on premium job boards (beta).

Click  " + Add a new job board ".

The add a new job board window will open.
Type in the name of the job board in the search bar and once you locate the job board click Add.

A new window will open for that job board. Fill out the required fields and click Add.

Add as many job boards as you like.

**Please Note: When configuring LinkedIn Recruiter, make sure you have admin rights to post a job. Please refer to LinkedIn's help page for instructions.**

Note: In this particular posting system, LinkedIn Recruiter will come up as Linkedin Jobs.

Once this has been set up go back to your job opportunity.

Click "Get Candidates" and click on Advertise on premium job boards.

A new window will pop up. All the job boards you have set up will appear in the list under "Publish to".
Choose the job board you want to advertise in (hold “shift” to select multiple job boards).

Fill out the required fields.
Then click Publish.

A new screen like below will appear. Make sure the job boards you want to post to are selected. You can select the amount of time you want the job post to remain active from here as well.
Complete the fields required and then click  "Post to Job Boards".

Once you post to the job boards you will receive a confirmation on screen:

Your job ad should now be published on those specific job boards. Please note it make take some time for the posts to go live on those sites.

As applicants apply, you can track how many are applying from the different job  boards you have published to. You can see this information under the Get Candidates section on the left side of the dashboard.

To go back to the job boards management to add job boards or edit settings, please click on the image icon on the top right of your account and click on Job Boards.


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