Once you have completely set up your job candidates can start interviewing. To get candidates to apply, you have 4 options in Vervoe.

Go to "Invite Candidates" on the right side of your dashboard.

A dialog window will pop open with the option to invite candidates via email or post the job. You can toggle between each tab by clicking on the respective heading.

Invite candidates you already know via email

This option allows you to send email invitations to candidates you may already know.

A window will pop open where you can insert the names and email addresses of the candidates or you can upload a CSV file. ( for the CSV file make sure the header titles are as follows: Column A header titled "name" , column B header titled "email".)

You are also able to preview and customize the email that will be sent to candidates by selecting, "Preview Message".

Note: On the Pilot plan, you are allowed to invite up to 100 candidates. If you would like to invite more candidates you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

Gray Candidate Cards

Once you invite candidates to your job, you will notice that their candidate card appears grayed out in your job dashboard. This means that the candidate has not yet clicked on the interview link in their email invitation. 

You can click on gray candidate cards to expand them. When expanded you will have the option to Reject, Progress,  Message, or Re-Invite the candidate. (You can also hover over a grayed candidate card and the "Reject" option will appear).

Re-inviting candidates, gives them another 4 days to complete their Talent Trial. When Enterprise plan employers that have customized their Talent Trial deadline and re-invite candidates, the invitation is extended for the employer's selected amount of days. (For example, if your Talent Trial deadline is 7 days when you re-invite candidates they are given another 7 days to complete their Talent Trial.)

Share a link to your job

The first link listed is a unique link to your job that you can post anywhere you like. Just keep in mind that this particular link will not be tracked.

Create links you can track

You can create unique job application links that you can post to social media, your career page or job boards for free. Post these links in different locations and track where your are getting the most candidates to apply.

For complete instructions, please visit this page here.  

*This is the preferred method if you are posting to free job boards like Indeed or Angel List.

Post to your social networks

You can share your job with any of your social networks. 

Post to Job Boards 

You can advertise to multiple premium job boards with just one click. The first time you choose this option you will need to configure your job board accounts and connect them to Vervoe.

For complete instructions, please visit this page here

Ask for referrals

This option allows you to ask your professional and personal networks for referrals. 

Once you click this option a window dialog will open up where you can insert the names and emails of those you would like to invite. You can also upload a CSV file.

You can personalize the message sent by clicking on Preview Message then Customize.

Below is a short video:

** Video is currently being updated**

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